Sunday, August 21, 2011

Cute Summer Flat Shoes You’ll Love …

Summer shoes are my favorite dress-wearing accessory, so my closet is full of them — though of course there’s always room for a new pair or two! I’ve been looking for a couple new pairs of cute summer shoes to add to my collection, and I’ve found so many must-haves at ModCloth, I just have to share them with you! Here are 7 cute summer flats you’ll love… really! Keep reading, and prepare to fall in love!

Eyes of Mars Sandal

Price: $94.99 at modcloth.com
I love nearly every pair of shoes I’ve ever seen by Seychelles, and this pair of summer shoes is no exception! Though clearly inspired by the gladiator trend, they’re girl-ified with a duo of pink roses across the t-strap. The heel is a modest quarter of an inch, so they’re ideal for a day of strolling, shopping, and such.

Road to Summer Wedge

Price: $129.99 at modcloth.com
These easy, breezy bright red espadrilles are so pretty, you’ll want to wear them for the rest of summer, and even into fall. And why not? They look marvelous with everything from dark denim jumpers to floaty embroidered maxi dresses and everything in between.

Right on Track Flat

Price: $27.99 at modcloth.com
More than just your average ballet flats, these sunshine yellow bow-bedecked beauties will make summer dressing a snap. Pair them with an LBD and a cropped cardi for a day at the office, or with a vintage-print floral romper for a relaxed weekend look.

Wilderness Bound Sandal

Price: $52.99 at modcloth.com
The southwest-inspired look is hot right now, and if you’re into the trend, these are bound to become your favorite summer shoes! They’re a gloriously rich brown color, with criss-cross accents in purple, blue, red, and yellow. They zip in the back for easy off-and-on, though really, you’ll be rushing to put them on, rather than take them off.

Jade Says Sandal

Price: $29.99 at modcloth.com
There’s nothing like a pop of brilliant color to set off a summer dress, and that’s exactly what these gorgeous summer shoes offer. Add them to a maxi dress with an armful of colorful bangles and slouchy hobo bag, and your date night ensemble is complete!

A Flat of Flowers

Price: $27.99 at modcloth.com
These vegan-friendly summer shoes by Miss Me are covered in a floral print, ideal for wearing with your favorite graphic tee and cuffed paper-bag shorts, or with a midi skirt and blouse. They look so comfortable, don’t they?

Chi-Town Flats

Price: $37.99 at modcloth.com
Looking for something with a little nautical-inspired flair? These darling summer shoes have that, and then some, featuring a navy and white striped upper and a sweet red ribbon and bow at the toe. I’d wear these with a denim romper and cute headband with a bow… how would you rock them?

Sexy Summer Hair Styles…

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for that sweet beachy style or you just want to get your hair off of your neck, you always want your hair to look sexy, even in the heat! I care about how you look and I want to make sure that no matter what you’re doing this summer, your hair looks rockin’! Below, we’re going to explore some of the hottest things to try with your hair this summer that will help you beat out the heat and that you can do quickly so you can get out in the sun! Here are 7 sexy summer hair styles.

1. Sleek & Low Tail

By far, one of the cutest, coolest, chicest and any other ‘est’ things you can think of hairstyles that I absolutely love is the sleek and low ponytail. This play on a ponytail is not only high fashion, but it is easy. Want to know what to do? Literately, all you need to do is grab a hair tie, gather your hair at the nape of your neck and stick it into a low ponytail that is a little loose. That’s it. How easy is it to pull this look off when you are running out the door to head to the beach? Super easy right? And super sexy for summer!

2. Loopy & Droopy Bun

The loopy bun is a classic; and one that I absolutely love; it’s one thing that you can do with your hair this summer in five minutes! Just take your low riding ponytail that I talked about in item 1 above and loop it one more time through the hair tie – though this time, do not pull it through all the way. What this does is actually leave you with a loop of a bun, it transforms your ponytail into something sexy and something sleek – and hey, it’s only one more step!

3. Wet & Hot Tail

This one is an easy one and truly one that anyone in the world can do – if you have long hair. Right after you get into the shower, brush your hair back while still wet and slide it into a high ponytail. Slick on some gel or even some mousse and I swear, your hair will look great. In about five minutes flat, you will be out in the sun getting yourself some much needed color!

4. High & Glammy Bun

This is a great little trick if you are going to want to look sexy on the beach while getting your hair wet. How many girls will not swim in an ocean because you are scared your hair will get wet and you will look horrible? I raised my hand, but with this style, I can promise that I will be swimming in the ocean this summer! You just pull your hair back and secure it with not only bobby pins but also with a hair tie and some hairspray and I promise, it won’t move, no matter how wet you get it!

5. Fishtail Braid

Finally, the fishtail braid is a great and sexy alternative to a regular braid. This sexy little braid is not only great to keep your hair in check on the beach, but guess what? If it gets wet, it will only make your hair crimp that much more! If you want a braid that is unique, different and totally twisted, this is the one that will do it for you!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Glamour in Black & White

One of the freshest looks for this spring is the pairing of black and white, and there’s no better way to do that than by pairing the classic white button-up with a sexy pair of black shorts. Celebs like Alexa Chung, The City’s Olivia Palmero, Gwyneth Paltrow and British model Daisy Lowe have all been seen rocking this trend on the red carpet .

Palmero wore this trend in a bold and sexy way, with sequined shorts, sky-high black studded heels and a sleek, pulled back hair style. Olivia fashioned the perfect New York look by wearing the style in a sleek and chic way, with just enough glam to make the look turn heads.  Palmero accompanied the look with a large and classicly cut handbag to complete the sophistication of her style.

Palrow’s approach to this style was a more laid-back, California type of sex appeal. The star wore her top loosely unbuttoned, wore her hair down, and accompanied the style with a long silver charm necklace, which all gave the traditionally conservative color combination a more bohemian vibe. Paltrow then dialed up the sex appeal by wearing black pumps and holding a hot silver clutch.

Lowe wore this style in a way all her own by pairing the look with unique everyday pieces. Instead of wearing the color combo conservatively, Lowe paired standout accessories with the style to make her own version of the fashion. Lowe paired the shorts with black tights and mid-calf black lace-up boots for a more alternative version of the style. Lowe also wore a brown belt with a bold buck that stood-out against the rest of her outfit.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

10 Hottest Celebrity Hairstyles

While everyone else seems more concerned with what their favorite celebs are wearing this summer, I’m a lot more interested in how they’re wearing their hair! I’ve been searching for a new hairstyle and who better to help me choose than my own best beauty buddies, my favorite actresses and other celebrities! They have teams of pros dedicated to making them look polished, sexy, and gorgeous, so why not borrow a few ideas from them? If you’re in the market for a new ‘do, keep reading! Here are the 10 hottest celebrity hairstyles, and which of our favorite celebs rock them out!

1. Pixie cut


Celebrities who rock this hair style: Emma Watson, Michelle Williams
It’s official: with hot celebs like Emma Watson and Michelle Williams rocking this hot celebrity hairstyle, this summer is the Season of the Pixie Cut. It’s short and simple, and incredibly cute. Anyone can wear it, and it’s super-easy to care for and style. I speak from experience, since I had a pixie cut this spring. One note of caution, though: super-short haircuts like Emma Watson’s pixie cut MUST be styled every morning — the bed-head is extreme!

2. Stacked Bob

Celebrities who rock this hair style: Victoria Beckham, Selena Gomez
Before I had my pixie cut this spring, I wore a stacked bob, and it’s so chic! I stole my stacked bob from one of my favorite celebrities, Victoria Beckham, and again, almost any one of us mere mortals can rock the look, too! Be careful about the stylist you choose to do the cut: be sure he or she can do a good precision cut, or it will look choppy and cheap. But when it’s done right, wow, this hairstyle is hot!

3. Messy Curls

Celebrities who rock this hair style: Mary Kate Olsen, Sarah Jessica Parker, Taylor Swift
Another of my favorite looks this summer is the beach-ready look of wind-blown messy curls. It seems like all of my favorite actresses and songstresses are rocking this hot celebrity hairstyle, from Taylor Swift for Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s easy to do. Just add a little mousse to damp hair, and after air-drying, curl a few chunks around the “halo” of your hair with a big curling iron, or even a small flat-iron. Spritz with hair-spray, scrunch with your fingers, and you’re rocking this hottest of the hot celebrity hairstyles, too! Try a cute headband or feather-encrusted clip for extra gorgeous-ness, too!

4.  Loose Braid

Celebrities who rock this hair style: Nicole Richie, Leona Lewis
I’ve always loved the look of a messy braid, and this summer, it seems like all of my favorite celebs have been wearing them. I especially love the herringbone braid! They take practice, but they’re so pretty! I’m wondering if they’ll show up, in a less casual format, on any red carpets soon?

5. Long Layers

Celebrities who rock this hair style: Miley Cyrus, Jessica Simpson
Long layers are flattering to almost any face-shape, and they’re so feminine and pretty! Just look at Miss Jessica and Miss Miley — they always look so pretty with their long layers! The longer layers also make it possible to do the messy curls and even the loose braid, so it’s like getting three of the hottest celebrity hairstyles in one!

6. Funky Color

Celebrities who rock this hair style: Rihanna, Pink
The catwalk is full of summer bright dresses, from coral to turquoise, so why not add a little pop of color to your summer tresses, too? Temporary dyes in a rainbow of colors are available in most salons and even drugstores, and we can look to our favorite punk-sass celebs for a hint on where and how to apply. And for another fun layer of funky color, try Featherlocks, too!

7. Fringe 

Celebrities who rock this hair style: Jennifer Aniston, Katie Holmes
I loved Jennifer Aniston in her role as a “Horrible Boss,” and aside from her wicked sense of humor, she had the cutest fringe! When have blunt bangs ever looked better? Whether they’re brushing your eyebrows or are cut further up on your forehead, whether they’re wispy or blunt, bangs are another of the hottest celebrity hairstyles you can try!

8. Top Knot

Celebrities who rock this hair style:
The cover of Vogue this month features three gorgeous blonde models, all sporting tight top-knots, and this hot celebrity style is popping up in so many other places, too! I’ve seen J Lo sporting it, and it looks like fun! It’s easy, too: just pull wet hair into a tight bun, gloss over your hair with a light pomade to make sure there are no pesky fly-aways, and you’re ready for a day at the beach or date night!

9. Sleek & Straight

Celebrities who rock this hair style: Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, J Lo
If your hair is straight, and doesn’t like to hold a curl, why fight it? Rock the sleek and straight look, like Jennifer Garner, Jessica Alba, or Miss J Lo (again!). The key, of course, is deep conditioning and a damn fine flat-iron.

10. Short & Sassy

Celebrities who rock this hair style: Vanessa Hudgens, Rihanna
Two words: faux hawk. While I’m not bold enough to rock one, this hot celebrity hairstyle is so much fun! And there are lots of other short and sassy haircuts I love, including the modified super-short shag Vanessa Hudgens debuted last week. Again, while short hair is fun, and easy to care for, beware the bed-head!
With so many of the hottest celebrities rocking the hottest celebrity hairstyles, the best part is, you’ll never have to choose just one! Rock the pixie cut with a fun color, and occasionally rock it as a faux hawk. Or do the long layers, worn straight and sleek, or with messy curls — so much versatility, so much fun!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Celebrity Fresh Fierce Style

One of the hottest spring looks is dashes of bold color, added into your wardrobe for a fresh and fierce style. One way to do this is with a daring orange blazer. Add the piece to other interesting colors or your most basic pieces. Celebs like Rachel Bilson, Camilla Belle, and The City’s Olivia Polmero and Whitney Port have all been spotted wearing the trend.

Bilson wore this look with a classic tan dress, which gives a laid-back yet chic style. With tan boot style open toed sandals and a quilted black bag, Bilson has a fierce style that is perfect for doing lunch with a friend or a night on the town. Pairing the fashion with the classic pair of black wayfarers.

Palmero also chose to pair an orange coat with more classic pieces. To accompany her orange trench style coat, Olivia wore a brown top with plaid pants rolled into a chic cuff. The starlet accessorized with a brown snakeskin clutch and a gold cuff. On top of these basic tones, Palmero also wore daring yellow heels, another one of the spring’s biggest styles.

Celebs like Camilla Belle and Whitney Port have also been pairing the style with equally bold dresses and other pieces. Belle wore the piece with a silky purple top and green high wasted pants. She also wore sexy green shoes and a stand-out gold belt for a sexy and sophisticated style.

Port wore the style with bold pieces, wearing a multi-colored sweater dress. With tights and brown boots, Port wore the style in a way that’s a perfect everyday look.

For your own version of this look, try this blazer by Brionior this one by Giorgio Armani.  Or, for a way to incorporate this color into your everyday style, look at this TIBI trench style coat.

source: newyorkgirlstyle.com

Friday, August 12, 2011

7 Hot Fall Fashion Trend for Fall 2011

More than anything else, keeping your apparel trendy and in style is important in your business and social life. Keeping abreast of the latest styles and hottest fads will help you to keep your wardrobe in the fashion loop. Watching the runways, fashion magazines, store front windows and the celebrities are all ways to stay in the know and keep your closet up to date. Supplying your wardrobe with some staples and spicing it up with hot fall fashion trends can keep you looking like a star, and to be the best dressed among your friends. Here are 7 hot fall fashion trends for Fall 2011 you will not want to miss out on.

1. Fur is Back

 Making its grand appearance again this fall will be fur. Be grateful that your grandmother has a closet full because vintage is also coming into play here and her stash will make you quite popular.

2. Bell Bottoms
Good thing we still have some of these tucked away as well. Put away your skinny jeans and slip into these beauties with a little more room to move. Bell bottoms and flared pants will be making a come back with a fashion statement that is louder than ever. Be sure to stock up before the craze hits again.

3. Bows are Still Beautiful

This Fall, bows are still frequently spotted on the runway, but they aren’t quite the same Lady Gaga hair bow that everyone was wearing last year. Now, bows are seen on belts, tees, and A Line dresses. They are a key aspect of fashion right now, but if you don’t use them correctly, it can be a fast fashion disaster. To avoid a fau paux, ditch the hair bows in favor of a pretty shirt with a bow in a colorful print.

4.  Sheer Maxi Dress

The Maxi dress has already made its mark on Summer, and now will make an even bigger appearance in the Fall. Fun and affordable, these dresses will be a staple in your Fall wardrobe.

5. Choker Necklaces
These little treasures can also be found in your grandmother’s jewelry box. With many sassy options, you will love the look the choker gives you and the many options of events that you can wear it to. Chokers are the sweetest compliment to a delicate neckline.

6. Pleats

 Pleats will be making a big appearance in everything from dresses to shirts and pants. This timeless sewing option gives a big look to a simple pattern and gives your ensemble a pump of pizzazz.

7. Cuffed Bracelets 

These chunky treasures can dress you up for the town and make a bold statement in the process. Dig back in your mother’s jewelry box for this one; she may just be able to hook you up. Don’t forget to shop the vintage flea markets and antique jewelry stores for a chance to spot a piece just right for your arm.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

10 Accessories that Transform an Outfit Instantly

You do not have to be a fashion guru to be on top of the style trends this summer. By pairing the essentials in your closet with a few well chosen accessories, you can create a look that is both individual and stylish! You can turn your ordinary outfits into extraordinary ensembles simply by pulling in simple pieces that make a big statement. Knowing what items to own and how to use them is the key to changing your style from plain to pizzazz. Here are 10 accessories that transform an outfit instantly.

1. Scarves
Take a cue from Jessica Alba and add a few great scarves to your closet. When you throw on a scarf, you can add an extra layer of color and texture to any existing outfit. Scarves can be tied around the collar, ran through belt loops and even tied on purse straps. Scarves can be found in department stores, thrift stores and high-end retail shops.

2. Jewelry
Jewelry can include necklaces, earrings, bracelets and more. Use these pieces to accentuate your look, to bring attention away from or to specific areas of your body. Fashion jewelry can be purchased inexpensively and worn freely.

3. Belts
Belts can slim your midline and bring your look together with a bang. Belts range in colors, shape and size and can define your outfit and give it the kick it is lacking. Belts can be purchased inexpensively in fashion and department stores and used throughout your wardrobe. Whether you are dressing up or going for a casual look, you can pull a belt into play and transform your outfit.

4. Shoes
Shoes speak a style all their own. By using shoes to transform your outfit you can make your look sexy or sophisticated. Choose shoes that go appropriately with your outfit and of course, always be sure you can walk in them before you leave home.

5. Handbags
Rocking the handbag could be your ticket to transforming your outfit. Handbags are so unique that your closet could play host to a collection keeping your wardrobe popping everyday. The key to a good handbag is to not be afraid of color or pattern. Let your handbag be bold and speak for you.

6. Socks and Stockings
Bring the party to your legs when you take your outfit up a notch with fun stockings or socks. These inexpensive beauties can take your outfit into a different style and keep your look fresh and new.

7. Hair Accessories
Do not be afraid to bring flair from your hair. Beads, ribbons, scarves and more can bring life to your hair and make your wardrobe flow from head to toe. Whether you sport and up-do with some wispy flowers or a long flowing ribbon from your ponytail, the hair is an optimal spot for an accessory.

8. Makeup
Do not discount the power of your pretty face. Having your makeup set to beautiful can bring the kick you need as well. Color on your eyes, cheeks and lips will set the tone for the rest of your outfit.

9. Hats
Hats can dress up even your Sunday best, or take you out to the baseball field. Choosing a hat and style that is right for you is important. Also, remember to be considerate of others if wearing hats to social functions such as plays or concerts.

10. Sweaters
Sweaters can add an element of color, texture and layering to your outfit. Sweaters can be useful for keeping the chills away and for hiding cropped sleeves in the office. They are a quick and easy way to spice up your outfit so make sure you include a few in your wardrobe.