Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sexy Summer Hair Styles…

It doesn’t matter if you’re looking for that sweet beachy style or you just want to get your hair off of your neck, you always want your hair to look sexy, even in the heat! I care about how you look and I want to make sure that no matter what you’re doing this summer, your hair looks rockin’! Below, we’re going to explore some of the hottest things to try with your hair this summer that will help you beat out the heat and that you can do quickly so you can get out in the sun! Here are 7 sexy summer hair styles.

1. Sleek & Low Tail

By far, one of the cutest, coolest, chicest and any other ‘est’ things you can think of hairstyles that I absolutely love is the sleek and low ponytail. This play on a ponytail is not only high fashion, but it is easy. Want to know what to do? Literately, all you need to do is grab a hair tie, gather your hair at the nape of your neck and stick it into a low ponytail that is a little loose. That’s it. How easy is it to pull this look off when you are running out the door to head to the beach? Super easy right? And super sexy for summer!

2. Loopy & Droopy Bun

The loopy bun is a classic; and one that I absolutely love; it’s one thing that you can do with your hair this summer in five minutes! Just take your low riding ponytail that I talked about in item 1 above and loop it one more time through the hair tie – though this time, do not pull it through all the way. What this does is actually leave you with a loop of a bun, it transforms your ponytail into something sexy and something sleek – and hey, it’s only one more step!

3. Wet & Hot Tail

This one is an easy one and truly one that anyone in the world can do – if you have long hair. Right after you get into the shower, brush your hair back while still wet and slide it into a high ponytail. Slick on some gel or even some mousse and I swear, your hair will look great. In about five minutes flat, you will be out in the sun getting yourself some much needed color!

4. High & Glammy Bun

This is a great little trick if you are going to want to look sexy on the beach while getting your hair wet. How many girls will not swim in an ocean because you are scared your hair will get wet and you will look horrible? I raised my hand, but with this style, I can promise that I will be swimming in the ocean this summer! You just pull your hair back and secure it with not only bobby pins but also with a hair tie and some hairspray and I promise, it won’t move, no matter how wet you get it!

5. Fishtail Braid

Finally, the fishtail braid is a great and sexy alternative to a regular braid. This sexy little braid is not only great to keep your hair in check on the beach, but guess what? If it gets wet, it will only make your hair crimp that much more! If you want a braid that is unique, different and totally twisted, this is the one that will do it for you!


  1. ohhhh!!! All of these pictures is making me want long hair again!!!
    Tikkitiboo + Ahka Vintage

  2. I love the fishtail braid! Now if I only knew how to make one...lol

  3. The long hair style looks awesome. Great summer styles.

  4. My fav is the fishtail braid with blue streaks....super cute! To bad I just cut all my hair off lol.