Saturday, September 8, 2012

Five Fall Fashion Must-Haves for Moms

It’s hard to believe fall is here already! Well, let’s hop to it, Mommies! We need to get our fall fashion wardrobe up to par with a few of this season’s latest trends.

Here are some quick ways to update your wardrobe to keep you looking sassy and stylish with little effort!

1. Printed Cigarette Pants

These are on trend this season and are oh so chic. Get them with a slight flare at the bottom or pegged, either way, you’re going to look cute, cute, cute! Pair them with a simple sweater or shirt, and voila, you’ve got a comfy, stylish outfit. Gotta love these adorable polka dot jeans from Paige!

2. Novelty Sweater

You’re going to see a lot of novelty sweaters with fun graphics on them this season. Layer one over a button up blouse with a longer hem and you’ll be a mom with pizzazz! Not to mention your kids will love the cute graphics! Check out this adorable “French Hen” sweater from JCrew.

3. Low Heeled Ankle Boots

These are great for mommies. The low heel lets you run around with your little ones easily, and they are so versatile. Whether you’re dolled up in a cute dress or wearing your favorite comfy jeans, your low heeled boots will work with everything! Frye’s Dorado Boots are very chic!

4. A Burgundy Handbag

Burgundy is a big color for fall, and what better way to add it to your wardrobe, then to carry a burgundy handbag. Timi & Leslie is coming out with their popular Dawn Bag in burgundy, offered this fall. This will keep mommies both stylish and organized!

5. Graphic Scarf

These are still going strong this fall, and can make any outfit go from bland to stylish. On days when you can barely muster up the energy to wear jeans and a tee, throw on your favorite graphic scarf, and no one will know you’d rather be in bed! This adorable scarf from Aeropostale has great colors to really give any outfit a splash of style!

Busy moms don’t have hours to spend in the morning getting all dolled up, but with these easy breezy ways to update your wardrobe, you’ll look like you have a stylist getting you ready everyday!

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